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  • General Specification British Standards Bradlee package Steam Boilers are built to BS2790 and inspected and tested to AOTC requirements. On completion the boiler inspection and test report and factory inspection form 55 are issued.

  • SHELL The boilers are of the three-pass, reverse-flame, wet-back design. The wet-back furnace is integral with the shell and its ample dimensions ensure good flame-reversal, and a single array of tubes provide the third pass. There is a short fire-box and smoke-box at either end of and integral with the shell, and a small flue spigot connects to the chimney. The unit is mounted on feet, the front two being joined as are the rear two, and lateral trucking bars join the two pairs of feet at a height which enables a fork truck's arm's to slide under. A full size access door is bolted over the smoke-box at the rear; and at the front, the door is hinged and is the full size of the firebox. It is fitted with a sight port, for inspection of the flame. The boiler is fully insulated and clad. On the deluxe model cladding is in stainless steel. The shell has a large steam space, giving a good reserve of dry steam.






  • BURNERS Pressure jet type burners are fitted. complete with approved controls for oil or gas fuels including ultra-violet photo cells or ionization probe types of flame-detector fail-safe devices. Dual fuel burners are also available




  • PUMPS Vertical multi-stage pumps are fitted, complete with starter thermal overload relay and  3-phase motor.




  • CONTROLS Water level control is by means of probes mounted on a flange bolted into the top of the boiler shell. The micro amp current passing through these probes senses the water level and activates the feed pump as necessary through a relay. There are two ultra-low water level probes connected to the cut-off alarm switches which control the burner main relay and activate the alarm, with hand reset. The control panel includes a special diagnostic section, together with all normal controls.




  • FITTINGS The main fittings are: water inlet valve, non-return valve, crown valve, safety valve, blow-down valve, level gauges and glass protectors, with inspection cock, alarm bells, pressure gauge and pressure stats.




  • AUTOMATIC BLOW DOWN SYSTEM Bradlee De-luxe high specification boilers are fitted with a automatic blow down system consisting of an electric valve linked to a two function timer in the control panel; on which can be pre-set the duration of the blow-down and the period between blow downs.




  • TURBO-FLECTORS The tubes on all Bradlee high specification Boilers are fitted with a special design of retarder, to facilitate heat transfer from the gases in the tubes through the tubes walls to the water ELECTRIC SUPPLY 380-440 Volt A>C 3PH 50 Hz - Alternative voltages available. On completion all electrical components are tested.